Thursday, April 7, 2011


Since I seem to be constantly moving away for internships, I'm used to being away from the majority of my wardrobe. Over the last few years, I've gotten pretty good at packing a suitcase of clothes that I can wear for 3 months and leaving everything else behind. It's hard, but I can't tell you how fun it is to come home, open your closet, and see all kinds of things that you'd forgotten about. It's like buying a whole new wardrobe, but it's free. This top is one of those items... there was no room in my suitcase for a tissue-thin short sleeve blouse in my suitcase for a Wisconsin winter. Now that spring weather seems to be sticking around, I've dug through my closet and found some great pieces that I won't have to layer under loads of sweaters.
Top: Trouvé via Nordstrom Rack
Watch: Michael Kors
Glasses: Forever 21
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Target (I was gonna get a closeup of these cute little floral flats but my camera battery died.. I'm sure I'll wear them loads more this spring though)

Moving home to see a closet so full that it looks like you never left is also a good reason to do some spring cleaning and Goodwill-ing... give it a shot! You might find something that surprises you.

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