Saturday, April 16, 2011

Leave Behinds

Remember that interview I had? Welp, I was selected to take part in the second round of interviews! I'll be flying out to the company's home office in early May. I started wondering what I would wear, and then I found out it will be two days of activities... two outfits, oy! While I'm spending some time shopping/outfit planning, I'm also thinking about something called leave behinds.
A leave behind is a small representation of yourself or your portfolio that you can leave with potential employers after your interview to help them remember you amongst their many candidates. You can also send out leave-behinds with your resume to spark employers' interests. The graphic design area of my college is taught to design these, but for some reason, we never were in fashion design.
Since I am very actively trying to acquire a full-time job before I graduate, I began to think about creating a leave behind to try and help my cause. I designed one before that last interview that was basically a very small scale portfolio, but I didn't have time to get it printed on cardstock or resume paper, so it felt rather flimsy. I have two interviews this week, along with that second interview in May, so I would really like to create something interesting and good quality.
Here are some that I have found while trying to teach myself about what leave behinds should be...

Have you ever designed a leave behind? Do you have any advice, or any favorite examples? I would love some ideas!

P.S. Quick Edit - I just came across this designer's adorable collection of resume, portfolio, and a whole thank-you package for her leave behind. So cute! Check it out here.

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  1. I had a big interview activity day thing in London last week, and picking my outfit was the most stressful part. Had to wear something to represent my personality and style. Was a chnace to go shopping though! although I ended up wearing an old favourite outfit!
    Love the leave behind idea, we just got a picture taken and a horrible awkward picture at that! good luck with your interview


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