Thursday, June 16, 2011

aussie bound!

Well my friends, I'm off! I'm leaving for Australia in an hour. And guess what? I haven't a clue what I'm going to be doing there! I'll be visiting my older sister, who plans every day and leaves it all as a surprise until the day begins. So come back and see me in July to find out where I've been :)

summer maxi

Last fall I bought a maxi dress on a whim at the Gap. It was on sale, I love gray and white stripes, I couldn't resist. Last week I wore it for the first time and was a bit unsure. Maxi dresses can do weird things to the body, and horizontal stripes over my hips? eek. I took some quick snapshots at school. Yay or nay? How would you style this look?
dress: the gap
belt: fossil
sweater: target

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DAAP fashion show preview

If you can't wait until I get the pictures up (fingers crossed my CD drive works by tomorrow afternoon) take a look at this video of photos from the show! A quick shot of my gowns is on at the 18 seconds mark.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

playing catch up

I've been gone for ages, but for good reason! Critique, apartment searching in Dallas, alterations, dress rehearsal, fashion show, graduation, and now I'm preparing for a 2 week trip to Australia! I haven't even been around to do a weekend in photos post, so here are some snapshots saved up. They're all out of order...
painted a mini cornhole set for my cousin's dorm
katie did my hair for the show
post graduation party
blue snow cone :)
church festival - pastor in the dunking booth
lacey & me at the cocktail party before the fashion show
my gown at daapworks
bathtime for casey
grad cap!
new apartment in Dallas
the sunflower
picking out jewelry for styling
model gifts

Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 daap fashion show

Tomorrow is the night we've been working toward for 5 years - the 60th annual DAAP fashion show! I am so excited to have my work shown in such a professional manner for my family, friends, and neighbors. I've just gotten home from tonight's dress rehearsal, and it was incredible. The work that my classmates have done is inspired. I am so proud of the fashion design class of 2011.
If you can't join us at the University of Cincinnati tomorrow night, I encourage you to spend some time watching our live webcast of the event, starting at 8PM EST.
I promise to post photos and video of the entire collection as soon as possible!

Monday, June 6, 2011

final collection preview

So... maybe I forgot I had a blog over the last week or two. :)
I've been so ridiculously busy! We had our final critique for our collections, which went amazingly well. It was a really rewarding end to 9 months of working my butt off. Jay Ott, a DAAP alumn and designer for The Row, led the critique and said that some of my pieces really reminded him of Margiela. That was a pretty sweet moment.The weekend after the critique, my family had a big graduation party for my little sister and I, because she graduated high school that night. I had relatives in town all weekend, and my birthday was on Memorial Day, so the celebrating continued.Last week was a whirlwind and I can barely remember what I did. Thursday my mom, my sister, and I left for Dallas to look for my next apartment. We drove 16 hours there, spent a few hours looking at apartments, found a real cute one, shopped for an hour, then started the drive home. It was pretty nuts. Now I have 4 days until our huge fashion show, 5 days until COLLEGE GRADUATION (whoa!), a week and a half until I leave for Australia, and almost exactly one month until I permanently move to Dallas.
Doesn't it feel like life is moving awfully fast all the sudden?

Well, while I'm waiting to get back the professional photos of my collection, here is a sneak peek of my senior thesis, Linguistic Relativity.

"Oh Happy Day" Goes to Paris!

I've been reading the blog "Oh Happy Day" for a few years now. I've been inspired by all the party ideas, learned a lot through the DIY projects, and read in jealousy about her recent move abroad. Now, dear friends, it's our turn! Incredibly, Jordan of Oh Happy Day is able to give away a 7 day trip for two to Paris!
Enter the giveaway here, and if you are interested in anything lovely I do recommend you follow this blog.