Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend in photos

So sorry for the delay in posting! As I mentioned last week, I was feverishly working on a project for an interview, and then I was whisked away to Dallas for a few days for interviews at two companies. One went so well because it was with my old boss, the other I wasn't sure about. Turns out I got a job offer for the unsure one! I'm really excited, but I'm still waiting to see what happens at the other company. So it's been a crazy few days! I didn't get too many photos, but here ya go.
oh you know, just hanging with "the beatles" in "las vegas"
(high school's afterprom)
little sister & me before her senior prom
Dallas - I love flying at sunset
One of the companies took all us candidates out for a really nice dinner, and these cute little guys were dessert!
blurry Cincinnati at night :)

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