Saturday, May 14, 2011

senior thesis: look #3

This is the third look in my collection of 8 for my senior thesis in fashion design at the University of Cincinnati. To find out more about the concept development and inspiration I took for this project, check out my posts here and here. The first post explains a bit about my concept for this collection, which I've named Linguistic Relativity. The second post goes a bit deeper into the concept and shows the charts I made based on research.

For this project, I took a lot of inspiration from words in foreign languages, masculine and feminine perceptions of garments, the different ways cultures perceive color, and the number (plural vs. singular) of certain words.
This particular look was inspired by menswear, and is a representation of a notched collar. I focused a few of the pieces in my collection on classic mens or women's fashion details, and tried to twist them toward the other gender. So this is my feminine version of the notched collar. Since photographing my sketches earlier this quarter and now, the end of the quarter, I've changed the fabrication a bit. I started with the idea of using this nice brown suede and adding horsehair and structure within the coat. A friend gave me a great amount of this wonderful dark brown wool, which ended up being perfect for this coat. I also used a brown leather piping to kind of highlight and maintain the shape.
This piece is almost finished being made, I just have to add the lining and decide on a closure! What do you guys think - a giant button on the hip, as shown? I came across some kilt pins that I thought could be interesting too. Any suggestions?
More of my looks coming soon! Our final critique is in 2 weeks and the fashion show is in 4. Crazy!

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