Monday, May 23, 2011

senior thesis: look #6

This is the sixth look in my collection of 8 for my senior thesis in fashion design at the University of Cincinnati. To find out more about the concept development and inspiration I took for this project, check out my posts here and here. The first post explains a bit about my concept for this collection, which I've named Linguistic Relativity. The second post goes a bit deeper into the concept and shows the charts I made based on research.
This dress was designed with the feminine figure in mind, and is all about the color blue. The Russian language has more words for blue than any other language, even having different names for light blue and dark blue. Because of this, Russian speakers are typically better at identifying between shades of blue. This inspired a gradient blue gown.
More on this blue theory here.
This is going to be my grand finale piece, although I'm showing it sixth to you. I am working on it right now, I'm about to put in a shelf bra and then start the lining. I just tried it on for giggles, and was amazed to see that it actually fit me! Now, my model will be 3-4 inches taller than me, actually, more like 8 inches taller with her shoes on, and she'll wear a tulle slip underneath it, so it will be a lot bigger and more dramatic, but you get the idea. Anyway, I'm thrilled it fits me because the materials for this one dress alone were about $300....eek!! Now I just need to be invited to a ball.

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